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In recent years, many important developments have been made in alcohol & drug dependence treatment. One of the more influential is that of methadone, a drug that is popular for opiate detox. However, methadone, like other opiate treatments, is only available at certain centers and can only be given out in limited amounts to facilities and clinics that offer drug addiction treatment.

Suboxone is an FDA approved narcotic drug that can be prescribed by doctors and has been proven to be effective in treating opiate addiction. Instead of only allowing some people access to treatment for his or her addiction, Suboxone lets everyone who wants treatment have it. Suboxone, while it is a narcotic, is much less likely to be abused and patients who use it are at much lower risks for overdose. In many cases, after successful detox, patients are able to take the drug home until they are completely free of the effects of withdrawal. Suboxone works by helping to prevent symptoms of withdrawal from drugs such as heroin. Therapeutic Detox Spa offers Suboxone as an effective, safe and non-addictive way to eliminate physical dependence on opiates.

Pain Management Offered

The Spa Detox program offers a multi disciplinary approach to Pain Management. This involves medication management, massage, flexibility, nutrition and chiropractic therapy.

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